PATHS Scholarship Program

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Information for Parents

Thank you for supporting your college-aged student’s pursuit of a degree at Mines as a PATHS Scholar, achieving a major in one of the several Computer Science Major Focus Areas. As a parent/guardian, you have a valued role in the progress of your PATHS Scholar’s college experience, and we welcome your involvement. We are available to help your PATHS Scholar with a wide range of issues related to campus life, including study habits, tutoring needs, roommate concerns, course demands, career guidance, etc. Please encourage your student to participate actively in PATHS events and stay in regular contact with PATHS mentor(s). Please contact PATHS at with any questions, suggestions or concerns about your scholar.

Parents sending their first child to college may be interested in the following well-regarded books on the subject:

You're On Your Own (But I'm Here If You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During the College Years

Marjorie Savage
Fireside Books, 2009

Don't Tell Me What To Do, Just Send Money (2nd edition)

Helen E. Johnson and Christine Schelhas-Miller
St. Martin's Press, 2011